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I am at my happiest sitting in our outdoor area, which is an extension of our indoor living. We have a comfortable outdoor sofa setting, a coffee table and an outdoor rug. Our garden is remarkable – thanks to my husband’s creative flair for planting – and it brings native birds to chirp and flit between the plants.

Outdoor 1

Do you make the most of your outdoor spaces? Or do you look outside and wonder what you can do to change them? In this journal we will give you some ideas about what you can do to make your outdoor area a place you and your family want to spend time in.

The basics are mostly free. Remove weeds, mow your lawn and water blast your paths, patio and deck.

Deck Before and After
Steps Before and After

You may want to re-stain or paint your deck if you haven’t given it any TLC for a few years, or you may want to lay large pavers to create a flat area for your furniture.

Deck Re-stain
New Pavers

If you have a view of the sea or the bush, your focal point is already established. It will be easier to identify where to place your outdoor furniture when your eye is naturally drawn to a certain point.

If you don’t have a view, you can create one. Depending on your budget, you may be looking to install an outdoor fireplace or pizza oven. Perhaps a water feature – it doesn’t have to be a waterfall – a pot or ornament nestled in amongst your plants, or an arrangement of planted pots at one end of your deck or patio.

Focal Point 3

The furniture you choose for outside will be determined by a few key things – space, budget and purpose. You may have room for an entire outdoor lounge suite, or you may have a small ‘sun-trap’ for a couple of chairs or sun loungers.

Outdoor Lounge Suite

We all love to be comfortable on outdoor furniture but by their very nature (hard and durable) they often aren’t. Foam squabs and outdoor cushions are a must! For your colour palette, choose natural hues for your seat and back cushions/squabs and add cushions for a pop of colour.

Throws are essential to have at hand for those evenings that are lovely, but a chill lingers in the air. Keep them in a basket beside your sofa or in an outdoor storage trunk.

Lighting is key to creating a perfect ambience, while also providing practical illumination for social events. Bring your garden to light with the various options available from garden orbs to hurricane lamps and candles.

A delicate string of lights submerges everything in a warm glow while adding a magical touch to your evening. Try stringing a set around your pergola or under your soffit on the outside of your house.

Garden Lighting 3

We have a wide range of outdoor fabrics arriving now. We make our own cushion covers and work with our upholsterer to re-cover squabs and outdoor seating.

We also have a range of fabrics that are so soft and elegant they is can be used indoors and out. They are particularly popular with our clients who have very sunny homes and are worried about fading.

Come and talk to us about getting your outdoor area ready for Summer!