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Design Tips for your Living Room

Our clients face a number of common design dilemmas. We always do our best to solve them without breaking the bank. The top dilemma? –  oversized furniture in an average sized room.

We all love a modular sofa we can curl up on to watch a family movie, kids and pets included, but your furniture shouldn’t dominate the room. Read on and see what you think…..

You can ‘lose the will to live’ choosing the right sofa – It’s stressful! It is the most important and most used piece. It is also used by a variety of people. A sofa that is the right dimension for the tall people in your home, isn’t necessarily going to suit those of us who are ‘small in stature’ – i.e. short!

Our advice – choose one with dimensions that suit the tallest person, and use feather cushions behind and to the side of the smaller person to make them feel like they belong too.

Your room will generally determine the shape of your sofa. A ‘sectional’ sofa usually includes a chaise of some sort, along one end of the sofa. A ‘modular’ sofa usually refers to an L- shaped sofa with a variety of pieces and each sofa end has an arm.

Or…….you can keep your options open and choose a regular sofa with a footstool that can be moved in front of any of the sofa seats to create your own personal chaise. When not used as a chaise, it can do double duty as a coffee table or extra seating when you have guests.

If you have children or a pet, consider what fabric allows you to live a comfortable life. Nothing is “life-proof” but good choices can help extend the life of your furniture. Dark fabrics can help hide marks. Cats tend to hate scratching velvet (but their fur loves it)!

We love the look of linen, especially in sitting rooms and master suites. A slipcover sofa or chair is a good option for linen regardless of your family situation.

If you want to “go crazy” and not consider fabric choices, do it on your chairs. This is where you can really add personality to your room. Choose bold prints or bold colours – or both if you are brave! The beauty of using chairs to express your personality is if you want a change, they are relatively inexpensive to recover.

Pay attention to the other shapes going on in your living room––if you have an L-shaped sofa, choose a round coffee table to break up the angular lines and make it easier for walking around tight corners. If you have a lot of round shapes (e.g. side tables and lamps) choose a rectangular coffee table for balance.

It’s really important to layer your lighting. Use accent lighting to create mood by mixing both table and floor lamps. In an L-shape configuration we love either a floor lamp, or a table lamp on a side table––just make sure it’s a really big floor lamp to fill the space!

Identify a colour scheme for your cushions and accessories. Which colours are you drawn to? Which accent colours do you want to pull draw out from your current home design? Now start with an organic print – curves, inspired by nature and perhaps multi coloured…..or not. Add a geometric – lines, grid and repetition – and finally something with a contrasting scale. The scale pattern can be large or small, just make it quite different from the other patterns you’ve chosen.

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