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Interior Decor Changes – Where to Start?

You’ve just spent a week or so at home and are possibly wishing you had made those interior decor changes you had in mind, before you were locked in.

Oh well. Why not take this opportunity to think about what whether you still want to make those same changes. Perhaps you’ve had some new ideas. There is nothing like staring at the same few walls at different times of the day to realise that perhaps the paint colours aren’t quite what you thought they were. What looks fresh and bright in the morning, needs sunglasses in the afternoon sun. Or, working in what you thought was a clear-surfaced, organised and inspirational space is actually cold and stark. Hmmm…..what to do and where to start?


Well you can’t re-paint right now……the paint shop is closed. So what is the next best thing to do?…………start planning your interior decor changes for when it re-opens! You may not have the time to paint it yourself after lockdown, but you’ll still need to tell the painter what you want so he can do it for you. Planning requires time spent looking through Pinterest, magazines and Google for ideas. Decide what style you like and short-list some pieces you like the look of. Look on paint websites for colour inspiration and search colour trends.


So you’ve been trawling the web and Pinterest but are now more confused than ever around which interior decor changes to make. Where to from here? Try reducing the places you search, and the terms you use, to try and narrow your options down.

Do you know what style you like? If not, try searching these terms and see which ones appeal to you – beach style, coastal style, hamptons style, traditional, industrial, eclectic, scan, modern, mid century.

Still Don’t know?

Ask for help. Depending on how successful your research step was, you may just need help deciding between a few different shade s of paint.

If you really do like more than one style, that’s ok! Asking for help from an interior designer to make your interior decor changes is invaluable. They will help you combine the styles you like with the pieces you already have, and start a shopping list for pieces to add over time.

Belhams Interiors is here to help. We are approachable, affordable and we find those special pieces that pull your look together. We deliver and install so you don’t have to. We can arrange quotes from our trusted contractors and manage your project while you work. All you need to do is make the final decisions.

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