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Is Your Bach Ready for Summer?

Labour Weekend is here soon, traditionally heralding the beginning of Summer for New Zealand. Unable to travel, is this the Summer you will be spending at the family bach instead of an Airbnb family? Is your ‘Peace of Paradise’ ready for you?

Often the furniture at the family bach, or ‘Crib,’ is an eclectic collection of ‘lost soul’ pieces that made their way there and never left. Don’t part with the collectors’ items, but the furniture that makes your stay a comfortable one should be fit-for-purpose…… you really want ‘Great Aunt Rose’ to sit on that rickety chair you never got around to repairing and land on the floor?!

If your Bach is anything like ours, there is a steady stream of visitors dropping in to say ‘Hi’ and bringing with them a collection of food and beverage. As a child I remember there being a table constantly laid with food, and Nana’s net cloths draped over it to stop the flies. The food on offer came and went depending on what time of day it was. If this is your experience, when was the last time you checked your serving platters, salad servers, dinner set and table linen?

One of the first questions I ask a client when we discuss their dining table and chairs is “are they comfortable?” Do you ever say “bring your drinks and let’s move somewhere more comfortable?” If the answer is yes, then you should consider replacing or re-upholstering your chairs for comfort. We have many happy clients who didn’t realise how nice it is to have a comfortable dining chair and stylish table to sit around until they made the change

Is your sofa comfortable, or is it one of those pieces that found its way to the Bach and no one ever got around to finding another one? Because, well, when would you do that?! Nothing is open over the holiday break when you are at the Bach, and let’s face it…..who can be bothered looking for a new sofa when there is relaxing and fishing to be done?

We can help you with that. Give us your dimensions and the style you like. We will find it for you, and have it delivered to the Bach at your next visit or with the help of a friendly neighbour with a key.

Try adding outdoor beanbags this Summer in fabric that can be used indoors or outdoors – beside a fireplace in Winter or a beachside bonfire in Summer.

And finally, after all that sun, sea, sand and hiking you’ll want to fall into bed under fresh crisp sheets in peaceful surroundings. Our bed linen ranges will spread a fresh new look in the bedrooms – stripes, waffle, palm trees – our Wallace Cotton ranges have you ‘covered!’ We can also help you with headboards, side tables and lights.

Talk to us about finding some new pieces of furniture to complement what you already have. Show us your ideal bach style and let’s get that in time for Summer.

Now…….where is my book and sunhat?

Would like some help to style your bach?

Book an hour or two with us and we can work together to make your bach, your home away from home.