Corporate Flower Rentals

Is your Taranaki business looking for unique flower arrangements for your office?

We don’t just drop off a vase of flowers each month. We go a step further.

Whether you are looking to project a stylish & chic, contemporary or timeless & luxurious brand message, our dedicated team will work with you to design long-lasting floral vase displays that visually enhance your space and positively represent your company.

Our service is dedicated to helping you show your customers who your business and your team are. We work with you to provide arrangements that speak to your corporate values.

Office flowers


Belhams Interiors Rentals


Receive a one month free trial. Choose your size of arrangement or plant. Options are small, medium or large.

Belhams Interiors Rentals


The arrangments are then delivered to your location. We will create it in the quantity and dimensions that best suit your spaces.

Belhams Interiors Rentals


A new arrangement is delivered every month.

Request a one month free trial!