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Shelf Styling 101

We all have them, but we never quite know what to put on them. Shelves and bookcases give us a place to show off our favourite collectibles but knowing how to arrange them can prove challenging.

More often than not, styling shelves requires many takes of stepping back, reworking the objects, and starting over. But before you get intimidated and avoid it altogether, know that it’s worth it in the end!  In this blog post we offer some of our styling ideas.

Arranging items on shelves and surfaces requires visual balance. Mix sizes and shapes between your shelves. Arrange in a ‘zig zag’ across the shelf, avoiding vertical or horizontal lines in your arrangements. The use of decorative baskets or boxes offer a place to store games or toys that still looks tidy yet elegant.

Do you want to add colour, or keep the arrangements neutral? Is the background of the shelf light or dark? You want to be able to see what you’ve arranged so don’t lose your pieces to the background.

Plants add life to any space. Add a draping plant from the top of your shelves, with smaller pot plants on other levels. Mix up the types of pots – brass, pottery, glossy ceramic.