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Throw Styling 101

The temperature has dropped. Reach for that throw – it’s chilly!


As we head into the depths of Winter, throws become an essential element in our home.

In this blog post, we share how we like to style throws at home and in the store.

Whether it is as a décor item or an essential part of your home heating, a throw should be attractive, cosy and comfortable.

Casually draped or neatly folded, throw blankets are a practical addition that add style to your living room. A throw is the ideal addition for your sofa, making you want to curl up on it and drift away with your favourite book, a great TV show, or your significant other for cosy conversation.

Thick wool throws are full of texture, and readily available to grab and keep you warm. Lightweight throws still keep us comfortable and cosy without overheating in the warmer months.

Throws add style and warmth to any room. They make great gifts and are an integral part of a cosy living room.

A few of our favourite ways to style your throws


FOLD FLAT – this is a nice modern look. Sit it on a bench, or stack a few in a pile. Fold and drape over the seat and overlay cushions.

OVER THE ARM – In easy reach when it’s chilly – fold a throw lengthwise in thirds. If it’s too long, fold in half again.

DRAPED CASUALLY – Grab your throw in the centre and let it fall, draping across your bed or in the corner of your sofa.

END OF BED – Lay a throw at the foot of your bed to make your room look cosy. You can lay it horizontally across the foot or cascade it up the centre or across the corner

OVER THE MODULAR – Fold your throw in thirds and drape horizontally across the end of your chaise.

OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING – Keep them in a basket or drape them over your outdoor furniture as you would inside.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas on how to style your throw, come and see what we have in store for your home!

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