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Belhams Interiors is a interior design studio and showroom based in New Plymouth, NZ. Established in 2004 by Interior Designer Belinda Brown while working overseas.

About Belhams Interiors

Our goal is to make your house into your home.

A home reflects the life of those who live in it. It should tell your story, not ours.

How do we do that? – we do it together!

We will spend time together getting to know you. We will listen to you. We will look at the ideas you already have for your home and ensure they are included in your final design. It’s ok if you don’t know what you want. It’s our job to delve in to your likes and dislikes, and come up with a design that reflects you and those who live in your home.

There are hundreds of Interior Designers in New Zealand but there is one thing that sets us apart. We have a team of experts including Belinda who has a Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification. That means we have an intimate understanding of budgets and the numbers that make up your budget. We bring practicality and experience to your project to ensure your budget is spent wisely. It’s ok to fall in love with that special feature pendant light – we will find a way to make sure you can have your light and budget too!

Belhams Interiors Belinda Brown


I have been passionate about home interiors from a young age. I helped my Mum decorate our new home at the age of 11. I was encouraged down a different career path at school and graduated with a Commerce degree in Accounting.

I also have my CA qualifications, a Science degree in Microbiology – and a diploma in ‘socialising’ from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

I met my husband in London while working in IT and Investment banking, we married and moved to Australia. An opportunity to follow my husband’s career to Southeast Asia led us to 6 years in Indonesia and 8 years in Malaysia, moving to New Plymouth in 2016 with our two boys.

While in Indonesia I was asked to join an interior design company as a project accountant. Very soon they realised that I had the creative talents to design and so my new career began where my passion has always lay.

You will see design influences from Southeast Asia in the showroom in Liardet Street and in my own home. But in your home, you will only see what you like. This is very important to Me. Belhams is about making your house your home – not mine. I listen carefully to what you say about your home and the look you want, and translate that
in to colour, furniture and accessories you connect with. Working with both existing pieces and new ones, I will help you turn your house in to a home you love.

Belhams Interiors Adrienne Brown


442 is the internationally recognised number of sports in the world, and I’d probably be happy to watch the majority of them. I love wearing the colour red, but don’t particularly like incorporating it into my interiors.

Growing up in Christchurch I lived in the same house all my life until I left home to live with my now husband in, I’ll say it was his first home, as I didn’t have my name on the paperwork of that one. It was a ‘doer upper’ and this is where my love of interior design started. Since then, along with both of us working full time, we have completed two other renovations and are about to embark on another.

My career prior to working in Interior Design was focused in the Airline Industry although my very first job was as the Office Junior in a Law firm, for the grand total of nine months. When Belinda asked me if I would help her set up Belhams I jumped at the chance. Now almost two years later, still living in Christchurch, I do a lot of the behind the scenes work. When I am in New Plymouth I love rearranging the showroom, helping with staging and meeting all our fabulous clients who come into the store. I’m incredibly lucky that I have been given this opportunity to not only work in my ‘Dream Job’ but with a ‘Dream Team”.

Brooke Gordon


I love my job! I love that I get to help people transform their homes and create spaces that improve their lives.

Originating from New Plymouth, my journey led me back a decade ago to raise my  family in a city whose charms I had come to fully appreciate.

My fascination with interior design sparked in my youth and remained through the years. Pursuing a Bachelor of Design at university, specialising in Spatial Design, fueled my passion for design and planning of spaces. There’s an curiosity within me about the layout of homes, driving a fervent desire to optimize functionality.

My venture into renovation commenced when my house and I bought our second home, a fixer-upper brimming with potential. Days were spent envisioning and strategising ways to tailor the house to suit our growing family’s needs.

Jumping ahead five years, we finally hads the resources to undertake the home renovations we planned. Renovations with two kids and one more on the horizon presented its share of hurdles, but it also taught us so many invaluable skills.

I had always dreamt of building our own home but I soon realised renovating was so much more rewarding.

Being emotionally invested in a project,  can be difficult to see the bigger picture. That’s where I come in, providing a fresh perspective and an impartial voice to elevate your home or space into the very best version of itself.


I originally come from a background in the Veterinary field, drawn to the wonders of the natural world and the opportunity to work with animals. However, I always felt a magnetic pull toward interior styling but never had the courage to follow my passion.

The last 5 years I have worked alongside my husband establishing and building our trade business, finding excitement in the small details (big impacts) like designing our brand and marketing the business – the creative side of self employment. Now, after working alongside Belinda within those 5 years, I have been lucky enough to pursue a new career path with Belhams that allows me to unleash my creative potential. Coordinating Belhams’ Home Staging  business has given me a vehicle to explore my artistic flair. I have found purpose and joy in creating beautiful and cohesive spaces that resonate with others. My true calling – I am so proud and passionate about it!

Jo Belhams


My love of interior design and fashion goes back many years and to my mind you can’t have one without the other!

Both have trends, but to avoid being a ‘fashion victim’ it is important to avoid the disposable trend. Good design is about a timeless everlasting aesthetic, which is where I started my journey. I worked in the fashion industry for many years, then transitioned into the interior design industry. I worked in New Plymouth at a well-established interior design studio then took a career break., But I missed an environment where I had the creative licence to do what I do best!
So here I am again, doing what I love with a team of incredible women – equally talented & just as passionate as I am.

Belhams About Designer


Fantastic colourways and texture is my natural ‘go to’ when it comes to fabrics.

Raised in a creative home, in New Plymouth, I absorbed my Mum’s flair and went on to study fashion, art and design. Over the years I have turned my hand to embroidery, cake decorating, pattern making and dressing interiors. Walking in to Belhams Interiors took me back to my second ‘happy place’ – my first being Mum to a rambunctious boy.

I love the range of customers of customers who come through our door. Each has their dream for their home and give me an opportunity to help them make it a reality!

Belhams Interiors Belinda Brown

My focus for my clients remains firmly on my design philosophy of

– Making a house your home –