Virtual Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design NZ

Explore the ease and adaptability of Belhams Interiors’ Virtual Interior Design Services—a streamlined option for those seeking an alternative to our conventional full-service offerings. Perfect for clients who are not local to us, want to save costs or prefer a flexible approach tailored to their schedule.

Our Process


Choose a Service and Room

Select from our range of services and designate the space you wish to transform, ensuring a tailored approach from the outset.


Share Your Ideas

Communicate your design preferences and inspirations, allowing us to tailor the project to your unique style and vision.


Initial Virtual Consultation

Initiate the design process with an initial virtual meeting, where we’ll discuss your project goals, timeline, and any specific requirements.


Tailored Design Development

Our team will craft a personalized design plan, meticulously tailored to your preferences and spatial requirements.


Design Review Sessions

Collaborate with us during design review sessions to ensure the proposed concepts align with your vision and expectations.


Design Implementation

We fine-tune the design with any additional details and bring the final design to life.



Mood Board

We create a digital visual representation of your design that includes a combination of images, colours, textures, patterns, and text that collectively represent your design aesthetic and atmosphere.

Interior Design

Space Plan & 3D Rendering

We will provide floor plans and 3D imagery of the space we have created for you. It may be a new or existing floor plan and furniture layout or a kitchen or bathroom design.

Interior Design Service Stying

Finishes + Furniture Selection

We’ll help you choose wallpapers, paint colours, lighting and their placement to create a beautiful and cohesive home inside and out. We select and recommend the furnishings you need in your home, incorporating any heirloom or sentimental pieces you have already.

Virtual Interior Design

1:1 Online Consultations

We ensure you understand the plans we have created for you, and the reasons behind the selections we have made for you. We meet with you virtually to discuss your design and make sure you have the confidence to implement yourself.

Ordering Guidance

Ordering Guidance

We can order on your behalf and have furniture and accessories drop-shipped straight to your door.

Styling and Installation

Styling + Installation

If you live in New Zealand, our styling team can come in for the finishing touches to elevate your design and tell your story; we like to think of it as the cherry on top.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Full-Service Interior Design entails managing larger-scale projects, including in-person consultations, comprehensive project oversight, site visits, furniture procurement, and hands-on installation. Virtual Interior Design, on the other hand, offers a flexible, remote approach focusing on one space at a time, crafting custom design plans and shopping lists for implementation at your own pace and within your budget constraints.

    Virtual Interior Design projects typically span three to four months for an entire house and two to six weeks for single rooms. Implementation timelines vary based on your schedule. Full-Service Interior Design projects can take one to two years, contingent upon project complexity and builder timelines.

    To discern the ideal service for your lifestyle, consider key project factors such as time frame, project size, budget, and desired level of involvement. Explore our Virtual Interior Design and Full-Service Interior Design pages for a detailed comparison to determine the best fit for your project needs.

    Yes! We have worked with clients throughout New Zealand and have also provided Virtual Interior Design for projects in England and Indonesia. 

    We offer both Full-Service Interior Design and Virtual Interior Design, each with its pricing structure. Our Virtual Interior Design is available at a flat rate, ensuring transparency and simplicity. Full-Service Interior Design is priced hourly, varying based on project complexity. Typically, design services account for approximately 10% of your overall budget. Contact us with your project details for a tailored estimate.