Design Services

Interior Design Services New Plymouth

Interior design is about creating beautiful homes that reflect their owners and tell their story.

With over 15 years of experience, we offer interior design consultations online via video link, or face to face in your home.

Whether it’s choosing paint colours, wallpapers, window¬† treatments, new furnishing or styling advice; we are here to help! We deliver your design recommendations via email. We follow up with a chat by phone or video link.

We know it’s not easy making lots of decisions in a short space of time, especially when you are building or renovating. We filter choices down to just a few for you to choose from.

Our Design Services

Interior Design Service Stying

Full Service Interior Design

This includes everything from design and planning through to project management onsite. Let us guide you in selecting materials and 3D render layouts to create your dream home.

Virtual Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design

More cost effective service option to our full service. We plan and execute the design virtually. Ideal for homes outside our region.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

Move in ready solution.We provide everything from furniture and beds to art, linen, crockery and utensils.