Perfect lighting is achieving the balance between functional and feature pieces.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly relaxed? Or entered a space and become overwhelmed with an inexplicable sense of anxiety? it’s probably because of the lighting. Interior Designers and lighting specialists help you choose just the right light to correctly define the spaces in your home. Light levels affect our moods and behaviors. When you pick up a pack of bulbs from the hardware store with little regard to anything more than the wattage and price, you may be doing you and your home a big disservice. When it comes to lighting design in a new home or renovation, you should be designing the room with lighting in mind, not adding your furniture then working our where you need your lights! Using very bright lights causes glare, and makes pupils dilate, which results in the surrounding area appearing even darker. To make a space comfortable and well-lit, it’s important to place lights in several key areas around a room to eliminate dark corners, highlight focus areas, and prevent needing a “lighthouse” in one corner to provide enough light to a distant space or a facing wall.

Talk to us about your lighting needs. Lets make your lighting a feature.