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Why you should home stage your house for sale

Why you should home stage your house for sale

More than 90 percent of home buyers start their search online. How will your home or listings stand out amongst neighbouring competition?

It is important to stage each room and create show-worthy photos. Home buyers are ONLINE shopping for houses morning, noon and night. People like to look at and fantasise about living in beautiful spaces and that’s why it’s important to stage your home and show off its beauty and potential.

The Statistics

Staged homes sell for more. Home staging can add 7-9% to your sale price. Eighty five percent (85%) of people can’t visualise so they need help to see your home’s potential.

Home Stagers

Home stagers are professional space planners and stylists who can see your home’s potential and reach that for you. Given 85% of people can’t visualise, it is our job to arrange carefully chosen furniture, and display specially curated accessories, to create the lifestyle a Buyer can lead if they buy your home. We are qualified and experienced to do this and our skills can be extended to your new home for you too!

Layout and Flow

When we ask our Sellers why they have their furniture in a particular arrangement in their home, their typical answer is “because that is how the previous owners had theirs arranged.” Our job as your Home Stager is to group furniture that shows the best layout for traffic flow and lifestyle in a home. If there is a fireplace, and you are selling in Winter, we will make it the focal point of the room. A pair of chairs or the entire room setting will be near it. That same room in Summertime will encourage us to arrange furniture facing a pair of doors that lead to the garden instead.

Colour Palette

Unless the Real Estate Agent has recommended re-painting, we work with the existing colour scheme. We choose furniture to suit the colour tone in each room. A white wall after a few years is no longer bright white – we choose an off-white sofa with warm tones in the cushions and accessories, and it looks like the wall was
supposed to be off-white! We always consider the curtains in a room. If they are neutral, we have lots of styling options. If they are a strong colour or pattern, we let them ‘do all the talking’ in the room and everything else recedes and supports them.

Accessories and Styling

This is really where we tell your home’s story and create a good feeling from the moment a Home Buyer enters the front door. We consider the interior colour palette of course, but we also consider the view, location and season. Fur throws on the sofa in the height of Summer, or seashells and oars in a farmhouse in the country, will make a Buyer feel ‘out of sorts’ while not quite being able to say why……they will blame the house and that is the last thing we want! Our stylists work with your home, not against it. We help it tell its story and be move-in-ready for the next family to appreciate and not feel they have to do anything to it at all.

Home Staging

We offer free visits and quotes.

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You have nothing to lose, and potentially 7-9% to gain, by giving us a call.