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5 essential steps to start your interior project

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5 essential steps to start your interior project

As the year comes to an end and a new one begins, this is often a good time for reflection.

You may want to consider what you’ve been enjoying doing with your time, what’s been bringing you joy, what’s been causing you to worry, what you want to set your focus on, who needs your support and how your home is or isn’t serving you.

If your home has been feeling a little bit neglected during the busyness of 2022, these summer holidays may be a good time to consider what areas need some love.

Tips to start your project:

Belhams Interiors Home Staging

Start by clarifying the end goal:

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding on what you’re wanting to achieve. If you are not clear from the start, you could easily end up losing your way and focus. Gain clarity by answering questions like: what will it look like? how do I want to feel? what’s the rooms purpose? who will be using the space? The answers to these questions should lead your design.

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Gather ideas & inspiration:

There are many ways to visualize your creative ideas. Some options include mood boarding, gathering photos of ideas and things that you like, making a Pinterest board, sketching the space as you imagine it and creating a computer 3D model of the space to trial different layouts, colours, furnishings are more.

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Create a plan:

Before taking action, it’s important to plan ahead by considering your timeframe and budget. Getting clarity on two areas will help you to decide if you’ve got the time and money to get professional help, or whether you will need to do a lot of the work yourself.


Make a shopping list:

To achieve the desired purpose, look and feel for the space that you’ve designed… you will need to decide what items you’re willing to purchase new. Your budget may allow you to start fresh if there’s nothing in the room that you want to keep, or you may have a smaller budget or have some items that you love and want to include. Regardless of your position, you will need to make a shopping list of the items you want to purchase. Depending on the room, this could include (but is not limited to) paint, lighting, cabinetry, hardware, furniture, accessories or artwork.

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Keep track:

Once you decide to start your project, it will be crucial to keep track of the time and money being spent to ensure that you can keep on track towards achieving your goals. By being informed of these things, you will be aware of any overspending when it arises so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Note: not everyone has the skills or resources to do all of these steps by themselves. If you need help planning your renovation, visualizing your ideas, figuring out what to keep or buy new, keeping track of your spending or liaising with trades people then please get in touch with us by emailing to book an appointment. We’d love to help you make your home a place that you’d love to live in.